Mass reprojection of h5 files using gdal and bash tricks

Posted by: Gavin Fleming | in Uncategorised | 9 months, 3 weeks ago | Comments

I recently got hold of h5 files (Hierarchical Data Format (HDF)) and I tried to load them into QGIS and they were drawing in the wrong places.This was because they were were not georeferenced. I set out to georeference them using gdal. Since I was dealing with many h5 files I searched for an automated way to georeference them and could not find one complete solution hence I decided to do it myself with the help of Tim Sutton.

The following script is the one I used to automate georeferencing h5 files in Ubuntu 16.04.

I copied the script and saved it as and made it executable in bash. I then ran the script as ./ MER_FSG.h5. You can also run the script by looping through a text file that contains filenames for the h5 rasters.

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