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A list of maps publish using Open Source tools such as QGIS, MapServer, and GeoServer. Feel free to download at
Swellendam Thumbnail


This map shows how you can use QGIS to publish your own custom maps based on OpenStreetMap data. The roads and building data was downloaded using our OSM Reporter tool which provides ready to use .qml styles along with the extracted data. Additional context data is provided using data from the South African Chief Directorate of National Geo-Spatial Information.


Boosmansbos Thumbnail


This is a hiking trail map for Boosmansbos Wilderness Area, near Heidelberg in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. The track shown is the recorded track from a Kartoza teambuilding hike we carried out in August, 2014. The digital elevation model was created by extracting nodes from the national 1:50 000 countour lines and then using the QGIS interpolation tool to create a DEM - which was subsequently converted to a hillshade model.


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