Maintenance and devops

A maintenance plan will ensure your system is running, up-to-date, backed up and secure at all times

If you provide your own host we will charge you a setup fee for deployment together with a maintenance package.

If we host through one of our hosting packages, standard setup and maintenance is included.

We spend maintenance time on a regular basis monitoring and tending to your system, undertaking scheduled activities like upgrading, backups or database replication and responding to unscheduled incidents such as high loads or system outages.

Package Features Ts & Cs
Setup and deployment

install and configure:

- software

- backups

- security

- monitoring

- etc

- once-off charge for initial setup

- client installs OS and provides remote access to Kartoza

Standard maintenance

- monitoring and alerts

- OS and and software updates and upgrades for Kartoza components (not client applications)

- security

- backups

- uptime

- performance and configuration tweaks

- includes up to eight hours per month Kartoza time

- covers 1 host instance only

- billed and payable monthly in advance

- setup and deployment

- includes scheduled and unscheduled maintenance

Top-up hours

If you are making major changes or there is a major issue that requres additional time, top up your package as required.

- 8h units, valid for one month from date of purchase

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