Opening for GIS generalist / spatial IT engineer at Kartoza
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Kartoza is seeking GIS staff. We have a range of projects and challenges and will tailor the post to suit the ideal candidate.

Kartoza does a variety of work with a strong spatial component for a local and international clientèle and we're also working on our own ideas. We do desktop GIS, web map servers, enterprise deployments, cartography, spatial data management, training and support. We use FOSS tools and produce mostly FOSS outputs. We have a very 'open' philosophy.

You will be organised, driven, productive, enjoy working in a changeable, informal environment and enjoy learning. Working in teams with software developers will appeal to you. If you consider yourself to be a power-user you must be comfortable with scripts and the command line. If you're not a power user yet you must want to become one.

As this is a small company, you will be required to take on multiple projects and manage your time effectively. You will be anchored in an office in Paarl with the possibility of telecommuting. We have a fairly flat structure where your opinion counts. Your initiative and input into internal projects will be rewarded.

You should find your time at Kartoza enjoyable, rewarding and fulfilling, with a positive work-life balance. The equipment we provide won't slow you down and we have progressive terms of service.

Minimum skills:

  • a flair and passion for geography and spatial thinking

  • Training or experience in

    • geography

    • computer science

    • electronic engineering

    • GIS

    • IT

Extra skills:

  • QGIS

  • Python

  • Linux, Bash, server skills

  • SQL

  • Any other tools in the FOSS GIS stack (GDAL/OGR, Geoserver, etc.)

  • Spatial databases, especially PostgreSQL / PostGIS

  • JavaScript

  • cartography, design

  • teaching, training

  • OGC standards

To apply, please send the following to before 20 February 2015

  • your CV including your complete study and work history, 2 references, SA residence status

  • examples of your OWN work, e.g. github, websites, systems, maps, models, working code, etc.

  • your salary expectation

  • when you are available to start

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