School GIS task: create a 5km COVID-19 lockdown exercise buffer around your house
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If you are doing some teaching in the classroom and some online and you are finding "blended teaching" overwhelming, this task is designed for asynchronous self study.

This task was initially given to Grade 10, 11 and 12s in South Africa's Lockdown Level 4 so they could create a map of their 5km exercise buffer. The idea is that they digitse their home and local communities on OpenStreetMap (OSM), see the cheat sheet before they begin. Please feel free to watch these movies and make your own.

1. Projections
2. How to bring in an OpenStreetMap (OSM) layer into GIS
3. How to add a vector point layer
4. Geoprocessing task: How to add a buffer to QGIS

Students must download QGIS first, it's free and open and works on all devices except for iPads.
How to download QGIS, thank you Brandon Louw: or go straight to

Thanks for this post to associate and friend of Kartoza, Bridget Fleming, who is a senior high school Geography teacher.


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