Kartoza Internships

Kartoza offers an internship programme for suitably qualified candidates.


Minimum three year undergraduate degree or diploma in one or more of geography, GIS, geoinformatics, computer science, mathematics, physics, remote sensing, environmental sciences, IT, informatics, electrical engineering or related.

We will consider school students, school leavers or anything less than an undergraduate at our discretion.

Your own computer and access to high-speed broadband Internet.

A willingness to learn, communicate and impress.


You should come away with new or extended skills, some real-world experience and exposure to the operations of a small but dynamic and successful business.

Week 1

Onboarding and induction

Self-learning tasks on various systems and concepts including:

  • QGIS
  • PostGIS
  • GeoNode
  • Cartography
  • Spatial analysis
  • Coding (SQL, Python, JavaScript, Django)
  • CLI and scripting

You will be able to communicate with staff for guidance.

Weeks 2-4

Depending on what you are good at, what interests you and what we are busy with at the time, you will be assigned tasks across one or more teams.


Minimum duration is one month full-time on a flexitime basis. We understand you might be studying or working but do need to commit to as close to a 40h week as possible.

After a month if both parties want to proceed then it can be extended on a month-by-month basis.


We offer a small monthly stipend. If your internship is extended AND you are productive AND we have a place on a paying project then this might be increased in subsequent months.


You will interact remotely unless you are near a Kartoza staff member and make arrangements to meet. Kartoza staff are widely distributed across at least four countries.


An internship provides no expectation nor guarantee of employment. However, opportunities may arise entirely at Kartoza's discretion.

Vac work

We frequently are approached by school leavers or students for vac work. Rather apply for an internship if you qualify. 

Job shadowing

School students from Grade 11 or 12 often need direction on what to study or what 'GIS' or a 'real world IT business' is all about. Undergrad students might need direction on specialisation, major subjects, postgrad choices or employment opportunities.  An internship is the recommended path to take.

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