We're Hiring!

We are always on the lookout for local (South African) and international talent in the following areas:

Software development

  • Python, Flask, Django
  • QGIS and other geospatial software (C++, Qt, C, Java)
  • JavaScript
  • Mobile (iOS, Android, cross-platform)
  • UI / UX / design


  •  Strong spatial or statistical or analytical or scientific computing or data science skills.
  •  Highly computer literate and versatile with scripting / programming experience. Preferably with some computer science or electronic engineering background.
  •  Demonstrable coding experience!
  •  Vertical market domain expertise, for example:
    - DRR (disaster risk reduction) and related
    - local government
    - agriculture
  •  Horizontal domain expertise:
    - design and cartography
    - spatial database design and administration
    - image processing / remote sensing
    - GIS system and workflow implementation and management

The ability to hit the ground running with QGIS, PostGIS, GeoServer, GDAL/OGR and other FOSS GIS tools will count in your favour.

System administration and devops

  • Linux administration
  • networking
  • security
  • monitoring
  • profiling, performance, optimisation
  • architecture, scaling
  • virtualisation
  • cloud
  • Docker
  • Rancher
  • Kubernetes

If you are interested in working for Kartoza in any of these areas please send the following to jobs@kartoza.com. If any of these items are missing we will NOT consider your application:

  • CV
  • motivation
  • salary expectation
  • your current location and an indication of your willingness to move if necessary
  • a portfolio of your work containing the following:
    • Mandatory
      • samples of your own code OR
      • a portfolio of your own work (documents, maps, screenshots, videos or other media or links to media)
    • Optional (more than two of these)
      • links to your GitHub or equivalent account
      • links to your social presence (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
      • links to publications authored or co-authored by you
      • links to live websites or other online evidence of your work

Current positions open

We post specific job offers here from time to time.

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