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Andre started his journey to open source geo-spatial software development by counting ants and watching rocks decay during his undergraduate studies in Environmental Science. Realizing the potential of technology for studying our landscapes, he became interested in GIS and remote sensing. He did his MSc in Geo-Informatics at Stellenbosch University, researching the role of remote sensing for geohazard early warning systems by detecting sinkhole pre-cursers using satellite radar interferometry. Processing the incredible volume of data streamed in near real-time from a new generation of earth observation satellites led him to the world of code, containers and merge requests.

During his studies he was based at the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) as part of a team developing operational descision support tools based on remote sensing imagery. This allowed him the opportunity to work with researchers, engineers and developers building geospatial products for government and industry. It was here, where he fell in love with the zen of Python and the potential of open source software.

Andre is originally from Pretoria, South Africa but decided it is too flat for him and moved to Stellenbosch, near Cape Town, in order to be closer to the mountains. He volunteers as a technical rescuer with the Mountain Club of South Africa's Wilderness Search and Rescue team. He also runs and climbs with his wife whenever possible. He has enjoyed building and fixing computers since his teenage years playing Warcraft on a salvaged Celeron PC and now enjoys fiddling with RaspberryPi's.

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