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Irwan is from Indonesia and is based in Bandung, Java Island. He studied Informatics Engineering in Bandung Institute of Technology. Mostly used Java that strong in Object Oriented Programming, Irwan quickly become interested in Python for its dynamic characteristics for OOP. Irwan likes to think out of the box and doesn’t like rigid rules, maybe because of his creativeness.

Work in Kartoza is mostly interesting for him. With balanced brain (but he thinks that his right brain tends to be slightly more developed than other) he likes to look into GIS. Playing with UX and combination of layers of GIS, he is quite fascinated with GIS technology and wonders if this technology can be a source of main technology for Indonesian big data analyst. Not just some table or text to be analysed…

Like Rizky, sometimes, he still struggles to convince his parents that he is indeed working (from home), because “no office that can be from home”. But it is ok now, after he described and presented them his work and his meetings, they finally believe him.

Irwan is a hardcore gamer, playing games in his quality time (of course, to get away from his wife), playing mostly strategic games. He also likes playing badminton, but after moving further away from his friends, he does not play that often any more. And now? He is learning photography skills, or doodling some illustration on paper.

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