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Jeremy Prior

Junior GIS Specialist

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Jeremy is a BSc Geoinformatics graduate from the University of Pretoria. He first discovered a passion for Geography, and in turn GIS, when he was still in school. This passion led him to study Geoinformatics. He is now a Junior GIS Specialist for Kartoza.

Jeremy enjoys making maps using open source technology but particularly enjoys the conversion of raw data into useful visual interpretations. He mostly enjoys the cartography and visual side of GIS but does enjoy the problem solving associated with the coding/scripting side of things too.

Ideally, one day, Jeremy would like to have a farm where he can grow his own food and work on various projects with his hands from wood working to tinkering with engines. For now he contents himself with getting out of the city (to go fishing, hiking, and dabbling in water sports) and practicing escapism with books and games.


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