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Ricardo Silva

Senior Developer and Project Lead

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Coming from an environmental engineering background, Ricardo first became acquainted with GIS and programming circa 2003 while taking Remote Sensing classes. Around the same time he was exposed to the open source movement by doing a workshop on an introduction to linux. He also began experimenting with several FOSSGIS tools.

Later on he got a post-graduate degree in GIS focusing on the more techical aspects.

The first time Ricardo worked with FOSSGIS professionally was in 2007, while doing an internship at the Portuguese National Electricity Company. He used QGIS and GRASS to help select candidate sites for building biomass plants. Since then he has worked as a web and GIS software developer in multiple places.

Ricardo has contributed to several open source GIS projects, including pyCSW, GeoNode, PyWPS, QGIS, etc. He also has a habit of making small contributions to upstream projects that he might be using for a particular project.

At Kartoza, Ricardo is a project lead and senior software developer.

Ricardo lives in Portugal, near Lisbon, with his partner and their infant daughter. He enjoys cooking tasty vegetarian meals, cycling around the city and tending to his home garden. He also loves to travel the world.

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