The Kartoza Geeks

Rizky Maulana Nugraha

DevOps and SysAdmin

Rizky is one of our developers from Indonesia and is based in Bandung, Java Island. He studied Informatics Engineering at the Bandung Institute of Technology. Having used the complicated C++ language and the strict language of Java (no pun intended), Rizky quickly became interested in Python and its dynamic characteristics. Rizky likes to learn different things and is easily bored if he runs out something to read. In Kartoza there is still so much for him to learn from the GIS technology to nitty gritty detail of software infrastructure. He is also inspired by the way Open Source Software Development works and wonders if he can influence more Indonesians to become more involved in the collaborative creative process of the Open Source world. Aside from enjoying making open source software remotely with other Kartoza Geeks, Rizky sometimes still struggles to convince his parents that he is indeed working (from home). But not to worry! Even if, at first, his parents don't understand what he is actually doing for a living, he convinced them that he is contributing something for a better world (Aw, yeah...). He hopes that the experience he gains while he is in Kartoza can be used to spread the spirit of Open Source and Free Software movements in Indonesia.

Rizky likes sports too. Besides occasional tinkering with AI and machine learning or dismantling his old laptop, he plays badminton and futsal. He sometimes challenges Tim and Gavin to a table tennis match but he is still not good enough. He is also a somewhat hardcore gamer and occasionally plays games when his wife is not looking.

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