Energy Modelling Platform for Africa

Three-week intensive training on data management with FOSS GIS to support geospatial electrification models for government officials, utility analysts and academic researchers.

Government of Mauritius Open Data and Tools Training Workshop

On-site training session for Government Officials In Mauritius

InaSAFE 71833

DMInnovation provide (amongst other things) in-country support to Indonesia in the area of Disaster Planning and risk management. They contracted Kartoza to co-develop the InaSAFE tool, which is a plugin for QGIS. T

GeoNode with QGIS server backend and the GeoSAFE web interface to InaSAFE

InaSAFE, GeoNode and GeoSAFE: Training, development of community of practice, development and deployment of production GeoSAFE instance at INGC, Mozambique

Map Campaigner

A web application for the planning and monitoring of OpenStreetMap field mapping campaigns

Limpopo BIMS

The Limpopo Biodiversity Information Management System (BIMS) is a platform for hosting, visualising and sharing biodiversity information in Limpopo.

Earth Observation National Eutrophication Monitoring Programme

Dr Matthews had developed algorithms for detecting cyanobacteria, chlorophyll-a and vegetation in the coastal waters off South Africa for his PhD. He contracted Kartoza, with funding from the Water Research Commission, to automated his image processing workflow and build a web interface to the data, for all dams in South Africa for the benefit of the public and also to satisfy reporting requirements of the National Department of Water and Sanitation.

Earth Observation National Eutrophication Monitoring Programme

Earth Observation National Eutrophication Monitoring Programme

STDM code sprint and technical training

The STDM project steering committee needed assistance to bring ithe plugin to a point where it could be released on a public repository, to make progress with new features and bug fixes and also to train potential new developers.

Enterprise GIS for National Land Audit

Kirchhoff Surveyors was a traditional Land Survey firm that used CAD-based software for survey jobs. They had won a contract with the National Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) to undertake an audit of all DWS land assets, such as land under reservoirs, canals, pipelines and water transfer schemes.

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