GeoNode with QGIS server backend and the GeoSAFE web interface to InaSAFE
InaSAFE, GeoNode and GeoSAFE: Training, development of community of practice, development and deployment of production GeoSAFE instance at INGC, Mozambique

InaSAFE is a contingency planning tool to help build resilient communities in the event of disasters. InaSAFE is built on top of QGIS. In this project we extended InaSAFE to support Africa-centric requirements, provided training to practitioners from participating countries and developed features in QGIS and GeoNode to support integration between QGIS, GeoNode, InaSAFE. We also deployed a new online version of InaSAFE (‘GeoSAFE’) that runs under GeoNode, first as a public demo and finally as a production instance at the INGC in Maputo. 

Kartoza extended GeoNode to provide QGIS server as an alternative back-end to GeoServer. We also took deployment and orchestration to a new level with Rancher, which enables the easy deployment and management of complex system architectures with Docker containers.

Kartoza built a web interface to InaSAFE that integrates with GeoNode and uses a headless InaSAFE running on QGIS server to perform InaSAFE analyses and produce reports.

Mozambique implementation:

Services Provided

Project management, technical leadership, system architecture. Overseeing technical aspects of the various InaSAFE- and GeoNode-related projects.

Developing new features and resolving issues in InaSAFE- and GeoNode-related projects.

Hosting and orchestrating of the InaSAFE-headless / QGIS_server / GeoNode stack using devops tools like Docker and Rancher. 

Developing training materials and conduct training courses.

Sep 2015 - Oct 2018 (36 months)
WorldBank / GFDRR
Uganda, Malawi, Mozambique, Madagascar
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