Earth Observation National Eutrophication Monitoring Programme
Earth Observation National Eutrophication Monitoring Programme

EONEMP (Earth Observation National Eutrophication Monitoring Programme) is a service that generates map layers and reports about the levels of eutrophication in water bodies in South Africa. It inherits from a research prototype by Dr Matthews that did the same for South African coastal waters. 

For each reservoir in South Africa it processes Sentinel-3 scenes as soon as they are published and outputs derived spatial and statistical products that are automatically published on the EONEMP website (

Services Provided

Kartoza took the coastal water monitoring prototype and Sentinel-2 processing code and did the following:

  • Developed the Django web application and front-end at
  • Developed MapServer web map services and SLD styles that provide the data layers in the EONEMP web application. 
  • Server side bash and Python scripting to fetch, process and publish Sentinel 3 scenes and derived data on a routine schedule.
  • Refactoring research algorithms from Dr Matthews in Python into robust production code. This is the code that generates chlorophyll-a, cyanobacteria and other derived products from Sentinel-3 data. 
Mar 2015 - Mar 2018 (36 months)
South Africa
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