An on-premise, managed open source GIS server packed with ready-to-use data. Suitable for any size user base, from small firm to large enterprise or government department.

With GISBOX we take all the hassle out of managing your own GIS server.

GISBOX comes pre-loaded with many useful GIS datasets (and QGIS styles!). the datasets in GISBOX are continually and automatically updated from our master database. You get the benefit of a well curated, fast and local GIS data store with none of the hassles or learning curve of creating and managing one yourself!

Customisation options:

Everything in GISBOX is open source and all datases are publicly available.

***This is a rental and subscription service. The price is due monthly or annually in advance, depending on the option you choose. The server remains the property of Kartoza. T&Cs apply.



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