Introduction to Enterprise GIS with FOSS

Enterprise GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is all about doing GIS on a larger scale than just your PC with local files. Is this course for you? Here are some aspects of Enterprise GIS to help you decide:

Aims of the course

This course will give you the basic skills and knowledge to get going with establishing an enterprise GIS or transforming or improving your current system. We will use FOSS (Free and Open Source) tools because they are world class! Experience how a full, professional Enterprise GIS can be achieved with FOSS. These are some core objectives:


Some software we will cover in depth, others we will just touch on or use or review. Where practical we will mention, review or work with alternatives. FOSS gives you freedom of choice!

Course outline

Day 1:

Days 2 and 3:

Days 4 and 5:


This course is not for beginners. Neither is it a typical ‘learn GIS’ course. It is focused on systems, technologies, data and architecture. To attend this course you should be computer literate. you should be an experienced GIS user or system or database administrator or webmaster or developer or have been tasked with this sort of work by your employer. On the other hand it IS introductory. A week is enough to give you the grounding to get going on your own but is not enough time to go into too much in depth. Please bring your own laptop running Linux (preferably Ubuntu) or Windows. All the software is also supported on Macs but we don’t support that in the course.


One or more of the following:

Gavin Fleming


2 points (category 1b)


The price includes teas, lunches, software, data and course materials.


Five days

T&Cs apply




Current rating: 4.7

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