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Kartoza (and its forerunners Linfiniti and Afrispatial) has been delivering projects using open source GIS since 2008. We rely on QGIS and other high-quality GIS software for our consultancy services. Gavin Fleming (MSc; GISc Professional Practitioner) and Tim Sutton (MA GIS) each have over twenty years experience in the GIS and software industries as well as in several vertical domains and market segments, including natural resource management, disaster management, land information, biodiversity and conservation, mining, agriculture and more.

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Consultancy Services
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Software Development
We build desktop and web GIS applications using Free and Open Source GIS Software (FOSSGIS). We use GeoDjango, OpenLayers and PostGIS, among others.

  • Professional software development by experienced and qualified developers including computer scientists and engineers.
  • Strict coding standards, version control (CVS) with git, thorough testing
  • Properly managed software development lifecycle
  • Agile project management
  • You get all the code or it is released as open source, so no black box or vendor lock-in
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