Make your geographic information system work harder for you
Kartoza (and its forerunners Linfiniti and Afrispatial) has been delivering projects using open source GIS since 2008. We rely on QGIS and other high-quality GIS software for our consultancy services. We call on our experience to provide the assurance that there’s always someone to call for help should you need it, no matter how simple of complex your query.

Engage Kartoza to analyse and document your problems, design and implement solutions and offer expert advice
GIS software support
We offer support packages for a range of FOSS GIS software as well as for any solution or implementation that we have delivered.
Kartoza is the first organisation to our knowledge to provide QGIS and other FOSS GIS commercial support for businesses and individuals across South Africa and the rest of Africa.
System Maintenance
Our aintenance plan will help ensure your system is running, up-to-date, backed up and secure at all times We will spend that time on a regular basis monitoring and tending to your system, undertaking scheduled activities like upgrading, backups or database replication and responding to unscheduled incidents such as high loads or system outages.
GIS Hosting
We offer hosting packages on the cloud, where the cost of the package depends on the size and number of hosts, the amount of storage required, etc. Choose one of our predefined packages if you know what you need or get in touch via the contact form with your requirements and we’ll tailor a package to you.
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