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Find training courses that match your requirements and current skill levels. Our courses cover the complete FOSSGIS stack. Train yourself, your team or students to use geospatial software and discover the potential of GIS technology.
We offer product or business process training in scheduled courses or as on-premise training tailored to your requirements. We also do education interventions and develop curriculum materials.
Introduction to QGIS
The training agenda is based mainly on the QGIS Training Manual with custom examples and has the following aims:

  • assisting with migration from another GIS package
  • an introduction to and a better understanding of GIS concepts
  • an overview and practical experience of the core components of QGIS
Geospatial Data in PostGIS
PostGIS is a spatial database that is more than just a spatial data store. With PostGIS, users, web map servers and other applications can all run off the same database. And beware! Doing spatial analysis in PostGIS can become addictive.

PostGIS and PostgreSQL provide a powerful, enterprise ready geospatial relational database management system.
Introduction to Docker
Docker is a new way of deploying applications on the web. With docker you create re-usable application containers that can be combined together to create application stacks.
Each container typically serves a single purpose (e.g. database, mail server etc.). Containers are versioned so that your application can be deployed in a ‘known good state’.
Introduction to Enterprise GIS with FOSS
Enterprise GIS is all about doing GIS on a larger scale than just your PC with local files. Is this course for you? Here are some aspects of Enterprise GIS to help you decide:

  • you need to supply GIS to a whole department or organisation or enterprise
  • multiple users, with different roles
  • integration with other systems, technologies and data
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