Get GIS Support. QGIS, PostGIS, GeoServer, GeoNode and more!

You’re not on your own! No question or problem too simple or too complex for our skilled team to assist you.

Kartoza (and its forerunners Linfiniti and Afrispatial) has been delivering projects using open source GIS since 2008. We rely on  QGIS and other high-quality GIS software for our consultancy services. We call on our experience to give you peace of mind that there’s always someone to call for help should you need it.

Kartoza is the first organisation to our knowledge to provide QGIS and other FOSS GIS commercial support for businesses and individuals across South Africa and the rest of Africa. Our support team has a mix of friendly first- and second-line support staff to ensure an efficient response to support queries.

We provide support for QGIS, PostGIS (and PostgreSQL), GeoServer, GeoNode plus many more FOSS GIS desktop and web tools and libraries. We also provide support for systems and custom software we have developed and implemented

Kartoza has teamed up with Lutra Consulting in the UK, NaturalGIS in Portugal, North Road Consulting in Australia and OpenGIS in Switzerland to form a shared support service called Limosa, which brings the following benefits:

  • a large and diverse support team, from expert users to core developers and GIS professionals
  • there is no support query too simple or too complex
  • one point of contact for managing your query

Not a Customer Yet?

We provide a number of commercial support options suitable for individuals, small & medium offices and larger organisations. Take a look through our packages and see which best matches your requirements.

Signing up is easy - simply order one of our packages via this page OR fill in the form below OR contact us at, Also, print or make a copy of the SLA, complete and sign it then send it through. We will then invoice you and as soon as we receive payment we'll set up your Zendesk account and you can submit your first support request.

Getting Support / How it works

If you’re an existing support customer, simply use one of the methods below to create a support request and we’ll help you as quickly as we can.

Most interaction is via Zendesk but we also use videoconferencing and screen-sharing tools where necessary.

General or software support

Ask questions like 'How do I do xyz in QGIS?' or 'GeoServer is giving me this error message, please help' or 'Please help me to figure out a processing workflow' through our ticketing system (preferred) or by email at

Software development or coding support

For questions that involve code in a GitHub (or GitLab or similar) reposiitory, like 'Please fix this bug in the web application Kartoza developed for us' or 'please add this feature to our app':

By creating a GitHub Issue in the 'Support' GitHub Project that we will manage in the repository in question.

  • We will then size the issue and discuss it via GitHub
    • If it's too big for your support contract we'll provide a quotation to do it as a separate project.
  • When you agree to go ahead you move the issue to the 'Ready' column in the GitHub project view
  • We start the work

Support Packages

The main features of our support options are highlighted below. If none of these packages meets your requirements we'll be happy to customise one to your requirements - just ask us on or via the form below.

Personal Small Office Large Office The Works
 Suitable for A Single User Up to 10 Users Up to 40 Users More than 40 Users
 Maximum General Support Hours 4 10 40 180
 Response Time (Working Hours) 8 4 4 2
 Customer Representatives 1 1 2 4
Dedicated support desk (web or email) Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Guidance on Installation & Upgrades - Yes yes Yes
 Guidance on Data Management - - Yes Yes
 Consultancy Days Included - - 1 3
 Training Days included - - - 3
 On-site Support - - - Yes
 Additional General Support Hours R690/h (excl VAT)

* Subject to fair-use policy

Note: prices exclude VAT

Guidance on Data Management

We’ll look carefully at your day-to-day GIS operations and make recommendations of how to best manage your spatial data.


Some support options feature a number of inclusive GIS consultancy days. Consultancy days can be used for anything from setting up an efficient infrastructure to house your spatial data to developing QGIS plugins.

On-site Support

On-site support ensures that if an issue cannot be resolved efficiently by email or phone, a member of our support team will make an on-site call to address the issue in person if we have a suitable support person within thirty minutes travel time of your site. Otherwise, it will be a virtual site visit using Zoom, Skype or an equivalent video conferencing or screen-sharing tool.

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Prices are in South African Rands and include 15% VAT. Prices for other regions or currencies on request (these wil exclude VAT).

  • R7,737.00