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Support Package

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Support Packages for systems and custom software Kartoza have developed and implemented

Kartoza (and its forerunners Linfiniti and Afrispatial) has been delivering projects using open source GIS since 2008. We rely on QGIS and other high-quality GIS software for our consultancy services. We call on our experience to give you peace of mind that there’s always someone to call for help should you need it.

Kartoza is the first organisation to our knowledge to provide QGIS and other FOSS GIS commercial support for businesses and individuals across South Africa and the rest of Africa. Our support team has a mix of friendly first- and second-line support staff to ensure an efficient response to support queries.

We provide support for QGIS, PostGIS (and PostgreSQL), GeoServer, GeoNode plus many more FOSS GIS desktop and web tools and libraries. We also provide support for systems and custom software we have developed and implemented

Kartoza has teamed up with Lutra Consulting in the UK, NaturalGIS in Portugal, North Road Consulting in Australia and OpenGIS in Switzerland to form a shared support service called Limosa, which brings the following benefits:

  1. A large and diverse support team, from expert users to core developers and GIS professionals
  2. There is no support query too simple or too complex
  3. One point of contact for managing your query

Support Packages

The main features of our support options are highlighted below. If none of these packages meets your requirements we'll be happy to customize one to your requirements - just ask us on

PersonalSmall OfficeLarge OfficeThe Works
Maximum General Support Hours41040180
Response Time (Working Hours)16844
Customer Representatives1125
Dedicated support desk (web or email)YesYesYesYes
Guidance on Installation & Upgrades-YesYesYes
Guidance on Data Management--YesYes
Consultancy Days Included--13
Training Days Included---3
On-site Support---Yes, if possible

We offer additional support for the following products:

QGIS DesktopCurrent stable release version and current LTR version. Inlcuding core plugins (plugins installed automatically with QGIS)QGIS versions older than the current LTS version
QGIS ServerCurrent stable release version and current LTR version. Inlcuding core server plugins (plugins installed automatically with QGIS server). Including officially endorsed Docker setupsQGIS versions older than the current LTS version
PostGIS and PostgreSQLCurrent matching stable release versions of each
GeoServerCurrent stable release version
MapServerCurrent stable release version
GDAL/OGRCurrent stable release version
CRSs / Projections

GeoNodeCurrent stable release version
GRASS GISCurrent stable release version
Various others on enquiry

Price list

The default currency for a quote is currently only available in ZAR. Quotes can be created in other currencies upon request by filling out the following form

Support PackageZARUSDEUR
PersonalR 3256.00$ 234.00276.00
Small OfficeR 7936.00$ 569.00673.00
Large OfficeR 30 932.00$ 2622.002 204.00
The WorksR 131 868.00$ 11 178.009 396.00

* Subject to fair-use policy

Note: All prices stated exclude VAT. If a customer is South African, VAT will be added to the ZAR price.