The Kartoza Geeks

Seabilwe Pontso Leah Tilodi

Head of training

kartoza employee

Seabilwe has an MSc in GIS and Remote Sensing from the University of the Witwatersrand. She has an Honours degree in Geography and a BSc in Geological Science, both from the University of the Witwatersrand. Seabilwe is the Head of Training at Kartoza, passionate about the application of open-source software and open data to solve complex problems in the area of agroclimatology. And also explore various open-source software which can be used to map factors affecting crops on arable land. Her geological background made her wonder what tool can be used to make field data collection precise, effective and simple. After joining Kartoza, she discovered great mobile field data capture applications that have revolutionised how data is collected, analysed and viewed in the field, and cannot wait to explore more. Spreading knowledge is the main mandate. She enjoys training on open-source software such as QGIS, in particular for high school students and teachers. The teaching of practical GIS at the secondary level has helped her to realise that more sustainable methods of teaching GIS need to be implemented in all sectors of the educational sphere. She has taken up photography as her hobby, mostly taking shots of flowers. She enjoys baking, listening to music and watching animé or cartoons with her little sister.