The Kartoza Geeks

Mohab Khaled

Software Developer

Mohab is a Software Developer at Kartoza, he comes from an AEC background and graduated as a Survey Engineer from Sudan University of Science and Technology, then worked in different Sudanese Aerodromes before completing MSc studies in Geoinformatics and leaned towards spatial applications development. Mohab is a pythonista and a JavaScriper, currently extending his knowledge to other compiled languages (C++, go, ..). He is interested in OSS, distributed spatial services in the cloud, Spatial DBAs, DL for digital image processing, WebGL and located AR.

Outside work Mohab, like many fellow Sudanese, he enjoys football and argues politics(pro tip, reduce those, they are bad for your health), he thinks of the remote first approach of Kartoza is an excellent case to pick a new travelling habit.