The Kartoza Geeks

Luna Asefaw Girmay

Junior Consultant

kartoza employee

Luna Asefaw completed her Bachelor's Degree and Honours in BSc Geoinformatics at the University of Pretoria, which focused on remote sensing, GIS, programming, research, data science and analysis. Her journey in GIS was ignited by her love for Mathematics, IT and Geography in high school, which paved the way for a BSc Geoinformatics. Luna enjoys problem-solving, tutoring, analysing trends and patterns, and creating outputs (whether they are products or results) to help with resolving a specific problem. Luna's journey at Kartoza started with an internship, during which she worked with QGIS, Python, PostgreSQL, Github and Mergin Maps and is now a Junior Consultant at Kartoza. Her fields of interest include GIS, Development and Project Management. Luna's hobbies include watching TV (ranging from Sci-fi to Sitcoms) and discovering new recipes