Introduction to Docker
Introduction to Docker

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Docker is a new way of deploying applications on the web. With docker you create re-usable application containers that can be combined together to create application stacks. Each container typically serves a single purpose (e.g. database, mail server etc.). Containers are versioned so that your application can be deployed in a ‘known good state’. There is a huge ecosystem of pre-made application containers out there that you can mix and match into your application architecture. Docker can be used on Linux, MacOS and Windows 10 Professional (native) or Windows (using boot2docker). We have been using Docker at Kartoza since it became available and would like to share our expertise in using Docker with you.

Course duration:

This is a 1 day introductory course

Course content:

  1. Docker concepts overview
  2. Docker installation (on a Linux host)
  3. Searching for and fetching Docker images
  4. Running single Docker containers
  5. Docker container management
  6. Creating a new Docker image from scratch
  7. Publishing your Docker image to hub docker
  8. Autobuilds on Docker Hub
  9. Composing multi-container applications stacks using Docker compose (basic example)
  10. Demonstration of using Rancher as a Docker orchestration tool

The goal of the course is to get you familiar with the basic concepts of Docker, we will not cover advanced topics or delve into deep details.

At the end of the course you should be comfortable with spinning up and using Docker images on your own infrastructure.

Capacity: Maximum 8 participants (so book early!)

Presenter: Tim Sutton (resident Docker geek at Kartoza)

Tim has been using Docker since it was first release and has published a number of Docker images to the docker hub. Some of his published images have had in excess of 100, 000 downloads

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