Introduction to PostGIS
Introduction to PostGIS

Training Item Code: POSTGIS101

Introduction to PostGIS

Welcome to our Geospatial Data in PostGIS course, where we delve into PostGIS, a spatial database that transforms beyond a mere data store. With PostGIS, users, web map servers, and applications seamlessly operate from a shared database, offering an immersive experience in spatial analysis. Brace yourself – working with spatial data in PostGIS can become quite addictive!

Key Highlights

PostGIS and PostgreSQL Synergy:

  1. A robust geospatial relational database management system for enterprise-ready applications.

Spatial Data Manipulation:

  1. Insert geometries into a database and unleash the power of spatial queries and analysis.

Technical Content:

  1. While the content is technical, no prior knowledge of database systems is assumed. We start from scratch, covering tables, fields, primary and foreign keys.

Integration with QGIS:

  1. Learn to import/export data, perform SQL queries, and visualize datasets with QGIS, forming a seamless integration.

Enterprise GIS Integration:

  1. Explore how PostGIS serves as the cornerstone for an integrated FOSS-based GIS enterprise solution, operating in mixed environments.

Course Structure


  1. Complete exercises interspersed among teaching modules.

QGIS Integration:

  1. Utilise QGIS extensively for visualisation, as a SQL client (via DB Manager), and for loading data into PostGIS.

Data Ownership:

  1. Encouraging students to bring their data enables practical implementation of learned skills during the course.

Based on BoundlessGeo Course:

  1. Rooted in the open BoundlessGeo course at, with modifications and extensions by Kartoza.


  1. The use of personal Laptops is required for this course.
  2. Two screens are essential for online sessions


One or more of the following;

  1. Gavin Fleming


  1. 1 point (category 1b)


  1. Price includes VAT, software, course material and data and a certificate of attendance.

On-site training

  1. Available on request.


  1. Two days

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